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about Maury

I have always considered my self fortunate to have “discovered” photography early in my life.  The first time I saw an image develop in a darkroom was at a summer camp.  I was 9 years old, amazed and instantly captivated by the medium.  Not long after that I spent my savings, around $20.00 if I remember right, on my first “real” camera. A short time later I actually sold a photo to local newspaper. I was again amazed! I had my first client and my career path was set.  A few years later, a stint at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara gave me a solid technical grounding. The following year I was fortunate enough to work as assistant to some of top photographers in New York City. Then I was off on my own. 

I opened my first studio in Manhattan and worked with some of the top advertising agencies and designers there.  Over the years that list has grown to include media and corporate clients across the country and around the world.  I have photographed CEO’s, politicians, corporate events and political protest, movie stars, rock stars and my cousin’s wedding. 

I picked up a few awards along the way, taught several photography courses at the New School for Social Research and have had several shows of my work including a one-man show at the United Nations here in New York.  I love to travel, and travel photography has been a large part of my recent work.  I have also gotten to pursue numerous person photographic projects. 

I loved working in my darkroom, but the profession changed along with the needs of my clients.  I entered the world of digital photography some what reluctantly I admit, but in short order I was amazed and captivated yet again, this time by this new photographic dimension and the creative vistas it opened for me.   I now admit – again, somewhat reluctantly – that I can produce digital images of a quality that simply would not have been impossible with film.  I have also been able to go back to many of my original film negatives and slides and reproduce and enhance them into photos with new detail and subtleties that I could not have created in my darkroom.  Several of the photos on this site are the result of using digital media this way. 

Please check the link to my Blog for updates on my current projects and the Snapshot Gallery for my occasionally irreverent personal images and comments. 

And I am still as excited by the photographic process as that 9 year old was all those years ago.  As I said, I am truly fortunate.